Abandoned bank building at NW 5th and Classen – OKC


I tend to notice buildings that no one else does.  They are probably not what many would consider beautiful, but they bring me aesthetic joy and I treasure them when I find them.  I noticed this abandoned bank building in downtown Oklahoma City one morning while driving to work.  I stopped later to take photos of it because I was terrified, and continue to be terrified, that one day I will drive by it and it will have been demolished.  My husband and I actually took some of our engagement photos at this location, so now it has a sentimental as well as an aesthetic quality to me.

To me, this building just bleeds summer.  It’s not hard to see the ocean quality of the aquamarine mosaic and the wave of the roof, which also mimics the white sand of a beach.  The mosaic wall with the gold ornamentation brings Morocco to mind.  While many banks are simple structures with largely no interesting aesthetic qualities, the architect and/or the funder of the project definitely went above and beyond to make certain this structure didn’t fade into the background.

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