Sam Noble Museum of Natural History

2nd Noble

Inside SAM

The Sam Noble Museum of Natural History is interesting because it is partly an object building but its architecture also helps to create an appropriate atmosphere for the visitors. The front of the museum is almost sporadic with various columns and beams spread across the face of the building. To me, these characteristics make it unique and a little artistic which is why I call it somewhat of an object building. However, the museum is still very impressive from the inside and is not just meant to be observed, the exhibit rooms are well designed in order to help display the pieces. For instance the mammoth exhibit is placed in a large open space that helps to create a sense of how large and powerful the animal was. I think it is great that the architects were able to design such a room that can help inspire feelings. The fact that the architecture helps to create an intended feeling is why I believe it is not simply an object building and is why I appreciate it.

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