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The Dubai didn’t seem like a mall to me because of my idea of mall in America. It has an aquarium, high end shops and restaurants (several people actually conduct international business dinners in the mall, mainly because it’s one of the few places you can actually get alcohol), carnival rides, an ice rink, and several other things that I didn’t even get to see, and I went several times. While visiting my family I asked to go to the mall because I read in the national geographic that the mall contained an ATM that contained gold bars. Part of the reason I didn’t get to see the entire mall besides it being 50 football stadiums long was because I waited like a creep behind some plants to see if anyone actually uses the gold bar ATM. The mall contains a mixture of western and eastern architecture.
The stores and entertainment facilities that were more American/ European kept the normal western designs, but the decorations, lighting, and color palette was all eastern mostly middle eastern and Indian, with a few touches of Chinese designs. There’s also a nice water fountain show outside that goes on every half hour, that was inspired by the ones you see in Vegas, except they added their own music to it and more colors. The first thing I experienced when entering was excitement and curiosity, mainly because I wanted to see who was going to use the gold bar ATM and what on earth you even buy with a gold bar. Maybe a car, anyway as soon as you enter you feel welcome because there’s something for everyone, it’s designed for tourists and locals. Malls are meant to be communal gatherings with something for everyone and the Dubai mall really captures that idea, there were even some places were you could haggle.

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