3Deluxe- Butterfly Pavilion

The entire structure rests on only 9 points and three pillars that like a tree trunk taper upwards while branching outwards.

The Butterfly Pavilion was a Finalist at the 2016 World Architecture festival. Al Noor Island is the latest tourist attraction to be built in the city of sharjah, in the united arab emirates home to the Butterfly Pavilion. the ‘butterfly pavilion’, whose ornamental roof structure gives the island its defining characteristic, houses more than 500 species in a unique biosphere. inside the intervention’s glass-box exterior, a 3D-modeled surface — made of thermoformed krion — extends seamlessly across all walls and the floor’s entirety without repeating a single pattern.3deluxedesignboom03 3deluxedesignboom04 Butterfly Pavillion Sharjah 2015

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