200 East Brady — Selser – Schaefer Architects


Revitalizing an old warehouse, Selser – Schaefer Archictects preserved the Tulsa heritage while providing an amazing office space for an engineering firm. The original structure was built in the 1920’s as a grocery warehouse. After many years the business went away and the building sat abandoned but retained its strong structural integrity. The brick exterior was kept and cleaned and one side of the building was replaced with aluminum-framed windows to create a more natural environment with sunlight shining through.

The building is about 90 years old and incorporates the old style with new technologies. The wall that has the windows all have automated solar shades that are also heavily insulated so that the building’s temperature stays constant. Electricity is used less because there is natural sunlight used during the day and electricity created from the solar panels is used in the night time. There are also Geothermal wells that supply the office space with a sustainable about of ground-source heating and cooling.

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