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Metropolitan Museum of Art



For my second post, I wanna talk about Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is the biggest museum in America. I was been there once, and it is hard to forget. I thought it is the Roman architecture in outside, looks so cool and solemnity. And this is a palace of a museum. What is more, the interior decoration is different with different display. This museum has 2 regular libraries. And it also has special exhibitions. So I saw a lots different style in this museum, for example Egyptian architecture,  Medieval architecture and etc. It is really a good place to go. If I can, I glad to go there again.



castle of disneyland


This is my first post. And I decided to write about the Disneyland. It is an amazing place. It is exactly what you think it is. In this picture, this castle is very similar with the castle in  Snow White.  This architecture’s style is very similar with Gothic architectural style. Those high roofs are almost can touch the sky, and it is a sign of power; it is means he or she is so powerful who lived in there. What is more, I feel uncomfortable with those tiny windows. Because it lets me feel free-less if I am living there. However, noble class who lives in castle in fairy tale are rich but free-less.