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House H–Sou Fujimoto

681a84ca7bcb0a4641dd67e96a63f6246960af494cdd679b033b5bb50f3bcc2e37d3d539b400bc58House H is in a traditional residential area, Tokyo, Japan.  However, the owner dislike this traditional style, he is more prefer modern and simple style.

Therefore, Sou Fujimoto uses the concrete as wall’s main material, which is the most the simple and clear architectural material. And the house has 4 huge windows and those can give the house as much as natural light.

What is more, the inside space has organized rooms and personal space. In this house just has big white ceiling and white wall without other decorating parts.

And it is Sou Fujimoto’s main style: Going back to natural.


Tokyo Apartments–Sou Fujimoto




Tokyo Apartment is a building looks like a mountain.

Tokyo Apartment is in Tokyo, Japan.

At the outside, just like a big kid put some different house together with out arrangement. However,the inside is an entirety. In Tokyo, the vertical space have to be accept, because the modern city have to accept a lot of population.

What is more, we can see the house has outside stairs, and the designer hope this place where can let people feel relax.

Children’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation–Sou Fujimoto

Centro_infantil_HokkaidoChildren’s Center for Psychiatric is in Hokkaido, Japan.  For this building the main special point is the random construction. imagesIn my first eye, I will feel the designer is a liberalist maybe. However, I feel he also has some main idea in this design. Those random rooms can look like a list of note without stave. And we will find they have a lot of gap between each room, Sou Fujimoto wants to give enough space to kids for they playing.





T House–Sou Fujimoto


stringioFrom the outside, the T House looks like a big cavern with black rind.

We will see the inside, it is a huge “studio”, which is include bathroom, children rooms, Japanese-style room,study room, living room, bedroom and parking. And I love the wall’s color so much, he paint a side as white and another side just keep the wall’s real color–wood color. Such that it can let the resident feel live in a natural and lovely home.

House N–Sou Fijimoto


Fujimoto’s work, which he defines as “formless form” where the architecture exists between nature and artifact, has garnered multiple awards and much praise.imgres




House N(2008) is in Oita, Japan and Oita is a place of traditional residence.

And this building’s architecture structure is formed as 3 level’s quadrature “shell”. The outermost layer: it is a garden for this family. And in this layer, we will see it has some big windows which can let plants get enough sunshine. In the second layer, it is a space for transition, and the main function is as a big walk way from outside(garden) to the inside(rooms). For the innermost layer, it is a big space for living and dining.

It is really a very special, amazing and modern house.

Final Wooden House–Sou Fujimoto



Final Wooden House looks not like a house or not what is usually meant by a building. And this just is a space which is formed by a lot of wood cubes.
stringioAnd we all know, wood is a useful building material in our life. Therefore, Sou fujimoto wants to just use this one main material– wood to achieve all functions in the house. For example, he uses some inter-space to instead windows, and everything in this house is not be defined. What is more, liver need to find your ceiling, beds, walls stairs and etc.


Crystal Cathedral





In my last post, I want to share this church– Crystal Cathedral. There is something special about this building’s construction: this building accept over quadrature glass as windowpane.  And this design is visually striking. And the natural lighting good entered has lived at this room.

By the way, there has a huge pipe organ with 287 pipes.  It looks amazingly nice.

What is more, this church has own style for me. In the whole place, I saw a lot of sculptures which are all from bible. And I found those beautiful sculptures in the garden also.

I really love this place, because it blend the modern art and traditional style.

JPMorgan Chase Tower



For my 5th post, I will say about the JPMorgan Chase Tower. Chase bank is the NO.1 bank in world. This building is opened in 1982 with 75 floor. This height is not normal at that time even thought right now. I have to say the designer is brave and talent. Not only this chase tower, a lot of chase tower looks similar,  they are very high with square form. Those big building shows rich and reliable. And this building has a lot of windows and those will contribute to improve indoor lighting rate. It can give workers who works here a good working place.


White house


For my 4th post, I wanna talk about the White House. Exactly, this building is white, so people give the name- white house. We all know The White House  is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States, located  in Washington, D.C. Therefore, this building lets me feel solemn from this building’s style. For example, this building has a good facade with nice balance and symmetry. And I will feel it is really a serious place.

What is more, I love the garden also. It is have different charming with The White House.  Designer lived up this garden with a lot grass, trees and flowers.


Gateway Arch




For my third post, I want to show this special architecture- Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch is in St. Louis in the U.S. state of Missouri. And Google said it  a 630-foot monument, it is unbelievable. American government built this architecture in memory  the spirit west development. We all need to salute those pioneers. At the last picture, we can see this architecture is build from two part, and it is a gigantic project. The arch is made of stainless steel, which has exact curvature. I cannot image how hard to finish this special architecture. Thanks the designer and constructors let me can see those amazing architecture.