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PRAIRIE TOWNSHIP Community Recreation Center

The Prairie Township Community Recreation Center was made because of a campaign promise in 2012. Luckily Moody Nolan was commissioned by the township officials and awarded 40,000 square feet to build upon. The facility includes a large gymnasium so that games may be held there as well as a new citizens area. The Building will also include catering/kitchen classes, fitness area, group exercise studio, upper level tracks and swimming pool. The building is all inclusive and available to all all ages. Vibrant colors and large rooms filled with art leave a happy and inviting tone.prairie-1-800x600 prairie-2-800x600 prairie-3-800x600 prairie-4-800x600 prairie-5-800x600 prairie-6-800x600


KIPP: Central Ohio

I thought this was interesting because I went to a KIPP charter school, and I knew there were locations across the U.S, but they’re typically middle schools. This new charter school designed by Moody and Nolan is finishing up its construction on the second phase of the building, which was built on a former golf course. Because of its location the school will be surrounded by nature which is perfect for the recess time as the school will have two programs one for early childhood students ( pre-k -1) and a stand alone high school. The goal of all KIPP schools is to provide the best education and opportunities possible so that they obtain the highest graduating rate from not only graduating high school seniors, but former students graduating from college. Since this is the goal, the building was designed to also hold new music, art, and computer rooms, a state of the art gymnasium and large dining areas.kipp-11-800x600 kipp-2-800x600 kipp-3-800x600 kipp-4-800x600 kipp-5-800x600 kipp-6-800x600


MCCORMICK PLACE Event Center is a new venue that is supposed to act as a basketball arena for DePaul University and a s the country’s largest convention center. According to Moody Nolan this is just the first step in a series to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood into a brand new entertainment district, featuring new hotels, restaurants, and streetscapes. The Event Center was also designed to be more contemporary and therefore “has four ‘fronts’ of varying transparency.” Although the buildings design is to give the appearance of multiple entrances, but the actual entrance will be made in the most publically accessible spot.

The design for the Even Center was inspired by Alder and Sullivan’s Theater, the Union station, and the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom. The Building is supposed to finish construction by the year 2017.mcc-1-800x600 mcc-3-800x600 mcc-2-800x600 mcc-4-800x600 mcc-5-800x600 mcc-6-800x600

Parker Hannifin Downtown YMCA

Moody Nolan Architects also recently built a new branch for the YMCA located in Cleveland. The new YMCA is a mixture of work and play. This is possible because Moody Nolan Architects included all the features of a traditional gym, sprucing them up with bright colors, spacing, natural daylight, and a myriad of views. As well as a spa, sauna, massage therapy, three-lane lap pool, and different changing rooms for people who are in a rush.HR_4491-800x600 HR_4052-800x600 HR_Panorama1-800x600 HR_4444-800x600 HR_4163-800x600 HR_4239-800x600 HR_4270-800x600

Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences

The New Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences is a community college, which is part of the city colleges of Chicago, made by the Moody Architects. Along with including all the necessities of any standard college the building also contains a roof garden to help keep the building cool as well as an eight-story tower. This tower acts as a “virtual hospital in order to teach students “simulated real-world healthcare scenarios.” The new college is ocated adjacent from the older building, but offers a more futuristic look to what the community can become. The building itself is surrounded by shrubbery in an almost concrete jungle, this creates a more vibrant and positive message making it stand out from the other buildings surrounding it.Malcolm-X-Exterior_009-800x600 Malcolm-X-Exterior_014-800x600 Malcolm-X-Exterior_015-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_009-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_007-800x600 Malcolm-X-Interiors_005-800x600





Harvey Public Library (Moody Nolan Architects)

Harvey Public Library

Moody Nolan Architects are responsible for building several public facilities including but not limited to libraries, gyms, and hospitals. The Harvey Public Library District is located in Chicago Illinois, and according to Moody Nolan Architects it has “been serving the suburban community for more than 115 years.” Since the community has begun to expand beyond the libraries capabilities they turned to Moody Nolan Architects to not only expand, but renovate the entire facility. A list of the additions made into the new library include: Separate reading and computer rooms, community meeting spaces, study/ homework areas, age-segregated reading rooms, and mother/infant study areas. The Inside of the building contains several wide and open areas with a clear view to the outside. This is quite different from traditional libraries, which can make people feel shut in due to the lack of windows. The colors chosen for the décor are neutral in study areas and vibrant in open community rooms which helps set the tone for each space.


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FAO Schwarz Toy Story (New York)

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I was able to visit the FAO Schwarz when I was younger. It’s one giant toy store and also acts as a museum because they show all the antique toys that evolved over time to the modern toys we have today. Some were even on sale for an arm and a leg. I excited when I first went in because it has a giant piano you can step on, and a shopping center just for kids. The toy store represents childhood fun and wonder, which is what you feel instantly even before you walk in. I believe it’s the same place where Tom Hanks did the piano scene in the movie “Big”.

Central Library (Tulsa)

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The central library was always an exciting place for me to go growing since I didn’t have cable TV. My mom was working on getting her teaching degree when I was younger and so she had to go to the library all the time, so she would just take us with her. I was never bored because I always had a book to entertainment me. The library has always represented imagination because I could be transported anywhere while reading a book. The pictures are a little old though because they just finished rebuilding the central library and I couldn’t find any pictures of what it currently look like, but these are the images I remember from my childhood.

OU Traditions (West)


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Traditions is the first apartment I’ve ever had and the first place I’ve lived on my own away from family. Traditions represents freedom. Freedom away from my family, I love them dearly, but I was being smothered. I no longer have to get woken up at 3 in the morning getting tech questions or integrated every time I come a little late. Of course now I have to cook for myself, but it’s worth it. The first time I entered Traditions I was exhausted mentally from the car ride I had with my family, but bursting with energy because I had a place all to my own. Of course there has been a few problems with it, leaks, bugs, wifi, and cable to name a few but I’m still excited because being out on my own proves that I’m an adult. And One way to prove that you’re an adult and living on your own for the first time is how broke I am.

Dragon Mart (Dubai)


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While in Dubai I drove past this place called Dragon Mart. Dubai is a becoming more and more diverse city and because of this they have an increasing Chinese population. Dragon Mart is mostly made up of Asian stores that sell a wide range of products from spices all the way to makeup and clothes. Before you even enter you immediately get a sense of eastern designs mixed with western architecture. Dragon Mart is the largest and one of the only places where people can acquire authentic Asian products besides the common items you can find in the super markets. It’s like an oasis, I say that because it’s located kind in the middle of nowhere. I’m not even exaggerating there’s like nothing near it, it’s a half hour away from the city and between them is nothing but sand and the mountain that was cut through in order to make a more convenient high way. When I first went in I had butterflies in my stomach because there are some shops you can haggle in and I had four years of Chinese I wanted to try out. I haggled a little, but kind of chickened out and didn’t get the price as low as I probably could have. Dragon Mart represents a bridge between two different cultures, both embracing each other’s differences and as nice reminder of home for those who were working abroad.