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Collings Castle, Davis OK

I remember the first time I saw this castle. It was nestled deep in the Arbuckle Mountains near Turner Falls, and I was a little seven year old in awe. My parents weren’t too keen on me running wild in the dark, slim halls, much less absorbing the graffiti that littered the walls. The windows were glassless and extremely thin, making the castle look much more threatening than it really was. Dark stone and crumbling walls still to this day make me feel like I have gone back in time to a darker, medieval era. My two older cousins and I, all under the age of 12 at that time, would like to play protect the princess in this castle. My favorite aspect of this castle was one of the fireplaces that is embellished with reddish Oklahoman rose rocks. Now that I’m older, I can appreciate this hefty and brilliant structure, and how long it has stood around. Hopefully it will stay for many years to come.

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The Skirvin Hilton Hotel, OKC OK

This hotel, I think, is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very memorable to me because one of my favorite proms was held there, in the gorgeous ballroom upstairs. Our prom theme was The Great Gatsby (like every single high school prom theme that year) and the ballroom was decorated in an old timey art deco black and gold theme. The historically modern hotel, built in 1911, sits in the heart of downtown OKC and is an absolutely beautiful building. Countless windows and lights at the top of the hotel to illuminate the designs and decorative points at the top. The scandalous rumors of ghosts haunting the hotel aren’t anything to joke about either! Curved walls sit between straight borders of the hotel, and overall it is easily one of my favorite buildings.