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300 North LaSalle, Chicago, IL

300 North Lasalle is a traditional tribute to the windy city’s classic skyscraper, and it also reveres Chicago’s public waterfronts. Sitting on half an acre, the sunny garden is a beautiful sight and a nice relaxation area for any individual. With sixty stories of office space, there are many shops, restaurants, and lavish parking. The Platinum rated LEED structure features a warm and regal interior, as well as green features. The river nearby is the eco-friendly water supply, and the 50% green roof creates a massive positive impact on the environment. Completed in 2009, this structure is truly a work of art.

Architect: Jon Pickard

300 North LaSalle, Location:Chicago IL, Architect: Pickard Chilton. Designed by the internationally recognized architectural firm Pickard Chilton, 300 North LaSalle continues the extraordinary tradition of Chicago architecture. The tower rises to 775 feet, making it one of the city’s tallest buildings.
300 North LaSalle, Location:Chicago IL, Architect: Pickard Chilton. Designed by the internationally recognized architectural firm Pickard Chilton, 300 North LaSalle continues the extraordinary tradition of Chicago architecture. The tower rises to 775 feet, making it one of the city’s tallest buildings.

The Office Building of the Future, Seattle, WA

The Office Building of the Future is a work in progress in Seattle, Washington, and is an absolutely outstanding sight. With Jon Pickard as the architect in charge, this building is destined to be environmentally friendly and a beautiful landmark when finished. With a team of globally recognized individuals and groups of architectural achievement such as Magnusson Klemencic, Atelier Ten, and Gilbane Building Company, the OBF should be complete in design and thought by the year 2030. Three principles will guide this building, and they are sustainability, human qualities, and business objectives. It is a revolutionary new workplace that is only limited by the imagination.

Architect: Jon Pickard



Eaton Center, Beachwood OH

The largest of Pickard’s works is the Eaton Center nestled into a generous 53 acre site in beautiful Beachwood, Ohio. The wide paneled floor to ceiling glass offers views of downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie. This office space is futuristic, with modern paneling and plenty of natural light during the day. Two crescent wings of this building arch and hug the central tower of the building, which overlooks a pond. This company employs approximately 103,000 people around the world and 1,800 in the Cleveland area itself. Eaton Corporation is an enormous company that is very proud and thankful for such a beautiful workspace.
Architect: Jon Pickard
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River Point, Chicago IL

This building is currently being built in Chicago and is almost nearly finished. This beautiful curvy skyscraper will be used by companies for a new ultramodern workspace for offices and meeting spaces, and before it is complete it is impressively rated as a gold LEED structure. This 52 story tower is located on the popular West Loop of downtown Chicago, it will feature a gateway to the riverwalk. Featuring a 1.5 acre space, there is a fitness center, and a restaurant, sounding much like the Devon Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The design of this structure is significantly noted with striving curved sides to view the city in a panoramic effect, as well as open up the skyline from the inside and lessen the electric bill. The view to Lake Michigan is absolutely spectacular, and the bustling downtown seen below is an amazing sight. The completion of this building is a great futuristic event that many people are looking forward to expressively.
Architect: Jon Pickard
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609 Main at Houston, Texas

This gorgeous 48 story tower that stands tall in a popular Texan city is known for its absolute elegance and regality. Personally I think this tower looks like a slightly different variation of the Devon Energy Center we have in OKC. This skyscraper houses an impressive modern café and a digital working bar. Construction is expected to be finished by early 2017, and the parking garage connected estimates to house 1200 cars. Oversized stairwells bring an airy feeling to this wide open office space, and wide glass windows offer natural sunlight and a lack of artificial light during the day. Jon Pickard has yet again created an environmentally friendly structure, and it has the grace of any other skyscraper in Houston, Texas.

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Devon Energy Center, OKC OK

The Devon Tower is by far the newest and most prominent building in all of Oklahoma City. It is now a major staple in Oklahoman postcards, and in any picture of an Oklahoman sunset from the city. Designed and built by Pickard and Chilton, it is the largest building to earn a gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating west of the Mississippi and is an enjoyable workspace for hundreds of employees. The construction of such an iconic tower was not hindered by pricey materials or any other issues. The Devon Energy Center uses about 41% less water than most buildings its size, and the use of natural light has greatly reduced the electricity bill. The interior of the tower is sleek and futuristic, with outstanding use of glass paneling and indoor vegetation to enhance nature’s presence in our busy worklives. Overall, it is an absolutely phenomenal structure with amazing details and attention to the environment.

Architect: Jon Pickard


Devon Energy World Headquarters, Architects:  Pickard Chilton Architects, Gensler
Devon Energy World Headquarters, Architects: Pickard Chilton Architects, Gensler

Chapel in the Rock, Sedona AZ

I came across this gem in a roadtrip I had with my family. I would have loved to gone inside, but we just drove by. It’s an absolutely beautiful and simple church. It is partially embedded in the rock, so the stability must be amazing, no earthquake can rock this church. One side of the church is completely composed of windows, and a cross cuts between them as an amazing religious symbol. As if religion has a way to fit into every aspect of your life. Someday I want to attend at least one service, so I can sit in a pristine open room and simply take time to think. I truly think it is a gorgeous place: the red rock makes me think of home.

Worshipers inside the Church of the Rock framed by a bright blue sky day.
Worshipers inside the Church of the Rock framed by a bright blue sky day.

The Crooked House, Sopot Poland

This is a little specialty of a structure that has been on my bucket list for a while. This crooked house is a bizarrely shaped building in a small town of Sopot on the coast of Poland. It was designed by Szotyńscy & Zaleski, who were greatly inspired by the fairytale drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg. The building looks to be in a whole other alternate reality, as the usual sharp edges are now finely curved and sloping. The Crooked House sits in a small shopping mall, and is home to several different shops, such as a coffee shop on the first floor. I think this building is exceptional because it looks like a normal building that has been replicated through a funhouse mirror, to alter and shape all aspects in a different way. It is a very inviting and warm structure, with plenty of opportunities for social interaction and absolute awe.




Device to Root out Evil, Vancouver Canada

In this absolutely stunning piece of architecture, an old fashioned New England church has been placed upside down and only touches the ground at the tip of the solitary steeple. Designed by Dennis Oppenheim, this work is meant to represent the body, mind, sensory shells as well as states of a single human being, religious or not. The church is built with galvanized structural steel, aluminum, red Venetian glass, and concrete. Oppenheim says that the structure is meant to also conjure up thoughts of religious turmoil, such as the Holocaust or Christian fundamentalism in America. I personally really like this idea, it looks to me like he’s simply flipping the church upside down to empty out any kind of negativity. It defies gravity, logic, like any kind of supernatural being or god/goddess would. I have this on my bucket list to see some time, I think it is absolutely phenomenal.

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Kunsthaus Graz, Graz Austria

My fourth grade teacher told me about how this was her favorite building on Earth, and that she just had an enormous love for it way back when. Known warmly as the “Friendly Alien” this building most definitely stands out within the second largest city of Austria, Graz. This building is unique because it most definitely does not look like its neighbors, and has a special secret of its anterior. Acrylic glass covers the building and lights up the streets when the sun sets. The lights are easily variable, from being bright to dim within less than a second. It is an art museum that specializes in contemporary art of the last few decades, and is still going strong to this day. I think that this building is spectacular and the curvature and color make it all the more distinctive.


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