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3Deluxe- Hillside House

The two-storey luxury bungalow with an effective area of roughly 650sqm is defined by a coherent design concept, individualised down to the last detail. The unique design comprising all elements of architecture, interior construction and furnishing includes a large number of constructive and technical special developments.hillside_residence_3d291010_1 hillside_residence_3d291010_2 hillside_residence_3d291010_3

All fixtures and furniture in the living areas and the spa in the basement are unica designed by 3deluxe specifically for this house. Flooring materials fabricated according to architects’ drafts bring graphical accents into play. The design of the outdoor facilities with a 16m pool framed by precious wood sun decks and terraces with natural stone flooring also mirrors the high standard of aesthetic, material quality and usage comfort which characterises this exclusive project.

3Deluxe- Leonardo Glass Cube

005_3deluxe_leonardo-glass-cube_theredlist Fluid-and-Organic-Modern-Architecture-Leonardo-Glass-Cube-in-Bad-Driburg-by-3Deluxe-homesthetics-5 leo_pr_rendering_rgb_02

The grounds of the glaskoch corporation, which has been run by the founding family for five generations and distributes innovative high-grade glass and gift articles under the “Leonardo” brand name world-wide. Entering the Glass Cube through the ground-floor main entrance, visitors encounter a space that opens up not just horizontally, but also upwards and downwards. The ground-floor bridge affords a generous view of the main exhibition area one storey below and provides an initial point of orientation in the edifice as a whole. On both floors the wall rolls in to form niches that are used for various functions such as themed product orchestrations and meeting lounges.Every single one of the approximately 250 plasterboard panels that meet up with the joints was CNC milled, numbered and assembled using a laying plan and exact measurement points, before the interstices were filled with rectangular standard formats. So as to enable an almost unhindered view outside, the glass façade was constructed over a width of 36 meters without any pillars. In the joints of the six meter-high, frameless panes of laminated safety glass thin steel cables are suspended between floor and ceiling, disk springs counterbalance deformations caused by wind pressure. Nor was there any need for vertical supporting profiles on the corners of the building (façade planning: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner).

3Deluxe- Butterfly Pavilion

The entire structure rests on only 9 points and three pillars that like a tree trunk taper upwards while branching outwards.

The Butterfly Pavilion was a Finalist at the 2016 World Architecture festival. Al Noor Island is the latest tourist attraction to be built in the city of sharjah, in the united arab emirates home to the Butterfly Pavilion. the ‘butterfly pavilion’, whose ornamental roof structure gives the island its defining characteristic, houses more than 500 species in a unique biosphere. inside the intervention’s glass-box exterior, a 3D-modeled surface — made of thermoformed krion — extends seamlessly across all walls and the floor’s entirety without repeating a single pattern.3deluxedesignboom03 3deluxedesignboom04 Butterfly Pavillion Sharjah 2015

3Deluxe- Coffee Perfect

Winners of over 40 Awards 3Deluxe is a german architecture firm focusing on modern Trans-Disciplinary Design.  Designed for a Drive-thru and Restaurant Coffee Perfect is a great example of this practice.

PDF_PR_RR_RGB_01-512x288 youtube bistro-galerie-terasse


With a modern style the sharp edges and white facade make this building seem clean and organized. With such tall windows surrounding the building it provides plenty of natural lighting to work, study, or relax before getting your morning started.

Gaylord Stadium- Norman Oklahoma

With a total seating of 84398 the Gaylord Family Stadium had the first game on site in 1923. The highest attendence in the bowl was this year against Ohio State University (which we lost 42-24) with a total of 87,979 inside the  bowl with many people in Norman in other places to watch the game (i.e. i was running a tailgate on lindsey for the S.V.A.)  this site is infulential to me for the fact that i grew up watching OU football. i was born and grew up in Weatherford until i was 8 watching OU football. My family is mostly OU fans and when deciding on a place to go to college this became a common sense decision.”I’m a Sooner born and Sooner bred
and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead”.250px-OMSFront 300px-EastSide1_-OUUAB_2006.09.02 300px-OMUnorthboard 300px-SouthEndZone1_-_OUTexasTech_2006.11.11safe_image

Last Picture courtesy of Volare Pizzaria from Roof top Bar on campus corner

Experience Music Project Museum- Seattle Washington

Set in downtown Seattle this museum hold displays that cover a wide array of pop culture, everything from video games and movies to music. Designed by Frank O. Gehry the museum on the outside is constructed of polished sheet metals displaying a wide array of textures and colors, including gold, silver, deep red, blue and a  shimmering purple haze, that when lit up by the Seattle sunset glows and cast beautiful reflections. Also home to IF VI WAS IX, a guitar sculpture consisting of more than 500 musical instruments and 30 computers, its an homage to all future and past musicians. The design and curves of the of this fantastic museum is as captivating on the outside as the displays of Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Music constructed within. Nestled next to the Space Needle and Chichuly glass muesum this entire areais a must see if your ever in Seattle.

IMG_0295 IMG_0407 IMG_0262 IMG_0260


An ancient fortress that become one of Herod the Great’s refuge palaces. With a view of the dead sea only 12 miles away King Herod built his palace and fortifications between 37-31 BCE. Built with Roman style fresco’s, mosaic’s, and architecture, while the ravages of time and weather have destroyed a lot of the full building sites some of the lower walls and columns. While the fortifications and location is prime for defense the fortresses on Masada have been overran and more than once resulting in bloodshed within the walls. last occupied by the Byzantine Empire between 330-1453 AD as a monastery. After the Fall of Byzantine Masada was left on its own. 10553507_4408483468100_1087899349959590465_n

I decided to write about Masada because what once would have been an incredible palace has fallen apart because of neglect. Dried up cisterns, and decrepit walls are almost all that’s left. its a reminder of the importance of preservation and protection of these historical sights. Seeing the above model of what this fortress used to be can be almost heart breaking after walking through mostly broken and crumbling or even nonexistent structures. The little bit of preserved architecture and craftsmanship can be almost breathtaking.

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