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Alexandra School, Neave Brown

Alexandra School


I wanted to add the school building of Alexandra Road, to show the concept and vision of architect Neave Brown.Brown designed Alexandra Road to be an entire community living for families. The Brown design consisted of housing, schools, and even grocery stores. Brown designed these communities to encompass all needs of the families that live there.

Fleet Road Terrace, Neave Brown

Fleet Road Housing

Fleet Road is another terrace style housing complex designed by Neave Brown. Fleet Road is more modern looking, and that can be attributed to the more modern design and the white coloring instead of the generic concrete look of Brown. Fleet Road also has similar rootop lounge areas like his designs for Medina.

Medina, Neave Brown


Medina is another housing project designed by Neave Brown. A prominent note to Medina compared to other housing projects by Neave Brown is the rooftop patios. They have similar addition of greenery like Dunboye. These buildings are more individualized instead of the style of all looking the same that Neave Brown used in Winscombe.

Dunboyne Road, Neave Brown

dunboyne road


The Dunboyne Road building is another multi family flat style building. This is the first building designed by Neave Brown that I have noticed to have prominent green style living. All of the flats have pronounced greenery and gardens.  This building is the only multiple family housing that I have noticed by Neave Brown that does not look like it is project housing, and looks like a nicely developed community.

Winscombe Street Housing, Neave Brown

Wiinscombe Street

Winscombe Street Housing is another multiple family housing designed by Neave Brown. To me it It looks nicer than the Alexndra street housing, but with the improved appearance accessibility and the amount of flats installed into the the structure were sacrificed. It still looks like cheap housing, and I feel this can be attributed to the plain style and coloration of the flats.

Alexandra Road Terrace Housing, Neave Brown

Alexandra Road

The Alexandra Road Terrace Housing Is a multi family housing building designed by architect Neave Brown. This to me seems like cheap housing like the projects in the United States of America.  I do not like this style of building it looks poorly built, but I understand its necessity for housing many families for relatively low prices. It is an effective building in terms of serving its purpose, because of its accessibility, and ability to hold multiple families for low prices.

Barton Springs Resort and Spa


Barton Springs Resort and Spa reminds me of business. I stayed at this hotel many times to play in Golf tournaments on their beautiful courses. Barton Springs is in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas, and the Hotel is commonly viewed as a vacation destination, but when i stayed there I came in with an objective. Until that objective had been achieved, there was no vacation for me I set the tone for a serious focus on the task at hand. Despite the many different areas of the hotel, I can remember the impact two rooms had on me vividly. I remember the lobby of the hotel, it was a very inviting open area with decor of Hill Country, and huge amounts of natural light.I remember this area, because of my ability to stay focused on the task at hand while others seemingly were along for the ride, and enjoying the inviting nature of the resort. The other was the rooms we stayed in a two bedroom room every stay, and this is where I would spend a majority of my time. I would alternate preparation for the next round, and watching a movie. This became habitual at my stays at this hotel.

Many may say I missed out on the experience of the Vacation jovial environment, but I would not exchange my stays of seriousness, and preparation for anything. Overall, this building had a positive impact on me the many times I stayed there.



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Trump National Golf Club


The Trump National Golf Club’s clubhouse gave me an appreciation for the seclusion of golf courses for their members. This positive impact stemmed from the contrast to the Country Club I grew up at. The relaxed nature of my Country Club had lead me to believe all Country Clubs operated under a relaxed social system governed by its own member body. At this Country Club There was security at every door. Luckily I was playing in the tournament being held here, so I had access to almost every area. I even got to shake hands with Donald Trump himself. It was a different aspect than I was used to that I rather enjoyed while I was there. As a 16 year old at our club areas such as the mens locker room I had to be accompanied be an adult, but at the Trump National, they had stiff security at every different section such as the player’s locker room which was filled with gifts (another reason for a positive impact). It seemed like at every turn I was the man in charge, and had an all access pass that very few get to have.

This different style of seclusion really made the tournament feel as though it was on the level of professionals or an event for millionaires, and I will never get over the joy of seeing my parents stopped by security, and being refused access to the players dinner because they didn’t have the badge to enter.




Extreme Offroad


Extreme Offroad in Katy, Texas had a major positive impact on me. Everytime I came to this building I was getting aftermarket materials to make my car faster and stronger. Spending money I had earned and putting into something I  had invested time and care into gave a great sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment along with picking my car up after adding on to it, and seeing it transform overtime into a vehicle that I can take pride in had a major positive impact on me. The architecture is that of a simple warehouse and garage, but I remember the smell of the new tires and rims the shop displayed as models, and it brings me back to working on my car something that I love.

Extreme Offroad had a major impact on me for the positive. The greatest feeling was waiting to get your keys inside the warehouse, messing with all the stores gadgets on display, and finally stating up your car for the first time since it was dropped off


Seven Lakes Highschool



Seven Lakes High School at the time it was built was the second largest, and most expensive public school in the United States. Despite all the money that was divulged into building this school, it still had a negative impact on me. The few positive impacts, such as, socializing in the rotonda – a very inviting circular common area lit by enormous amounts of natural light where students would gather to socialize in between classes -were heavily outweighed by negative impacts. The negative impacts stemmed from not engaging in my studies, and almost every minute was spent yearning for the next bell to signal the end of class.

Seven Lakes High School had both positive and negative impacts on my life, but the negative impacts were far in command over my remembrance of this building.