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Boston Trinity Church



Recognized as one of the most magnificent architectural landmarks in America, Trinity Church dates from 1870s and still is one of the oldest and beautiful pieces surrounding Boston, Massachusetts. The exterior masterpiece is an example of “Richardsonian Romanesque” design, named after its architect, H. H. Richardson. The interior and more specifically the stained glass window work was a multiple art piece from both European and American artists. Both in and outside, the building brings some nostalgic feelings of something found not long time ago, but one of its kind in a new- modern city of Boston. Born in the oldest town in Europe, I have always had an appreciation for beautiful, old architectural buildings that remain through all these years. It pleases me to see some of this beautiful style in Boston.



Notre Dame de Paris


Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most amazing and memorable architectural buildings I have ever been to. This is a French Medieval Cathedral in High Gothic Style with beautiful rose windows, rich sculptural ornaments and enormous columns and arches. The multiple facades that the building has, transfuse different feelings while looking at it from numerous angles. Entering the cathedral from any entrance, first thing you see is a very high crisscrossing sealing and countless handmade motifs surrounding the walls and windows of the interior. The cathedral is also memorable with its monumental details from the bible on the royal massive portals. Knowing that I have been in one of the oldest cathedrals in France is why this is one of my best memories that left a great mark on me with its remarkable architectural design and sense of detail.