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Clubhouse at Celebration

The last work that I am writing about by Jaquelin T. Robertson is the gold clubhouse in Celebration, Florida, that I wrote about before. Also, this club house is not the first one that Robertson has designed. I have discovered that lots of his works are designed around nature and finding a way to design lots of his works to work in collaboration with its surroundings. The entrance to the clubhouse is beautiful and includes a small bridge that goes over a pond in front of the building. The design of the building definitely matches the surroundings and matches the vibe that the state of Florida gives off. I believe that the most interesting part of this design is how it seems like it belongs in the area that it is placed. Robertson is a master at using nature to enhance his buildings.   images Unknown

Henry Moore Sculpture Garden

Jaquelin T. Robertson is the man behind a very interesting and unique type of architecture, the Henry Moore sculpture garden at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. This work is very interesting because it does not include any building design. Instead, the project was focused on designing the sculpture park outside of a museum that already existed. The park includes twelve bronze sculptures by Henry Moore and is focused solely on these pieces. The park is built across using 17 acres and is meant for people to walk and explore the sculptures while being surrounded by nature. The actual design of the park is quite interesting and includes limestone steps that start at the portico of the building and move down throughout the lawn and slopes of the several acres.  Unknown1 Unknown

Celebration, Florida

Jaquelin T. Robertson is the man behind another magnificent work that is the community of Celebration, Florida. Celebration is a census-designated place and a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida, United States, located near Walt Disney World Resort. Robertson is the man that designed the master plan for this community that takes up a space of ten miles. This community houses thousands of people and has its own downtown center as well. This is probably the most fascinating work that I have discovered from Robertson. The downtown includes 106 residences, along with shops and restaurants. Also, Celebration includes six churches and one Jewish temple. This work is extremely fascinating to me because he practically designed a livable community, whereas many of his other works have been smaller than this. The amount of time and thought that goes in to planning this process was probably immense.Unknown1 Unknown

Val d’Europe

The Val d’Europe in Paris, France, was designed by Jaquelin T. Robertson. He designed the master plan of the shopping center that is located in Paris. The building was started in 1987 when the contract was completed. The design of the shopping center is beautiful and includes glass roofing so that shoppers are able to look to the sky instead of looking up at a plain ceiling. The building is not fully complete, but it will be complete soon. However, portions of the building have been completed and are open and available for use. The building was built in conjunction with The Walt Disney Company, and as mentioned before, the master plan was created by Robertson.  Unknown1 Unknown

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden was also designed and built by Jaquelin T. Robertson. The garden is located in Richmond, Virginia, and was recently voted as the number 4 garden in the United States. The space is made up of 50 acres and includes restaurants and the famous gardens. The building pictured in the two pictures below is the centerpiece of the garden and is surrounded by hundreds of beautiful flowers. Although the flowers are not technically a part of architecture, they enhance the beauty of the building. The windows that the building is made up of make the building appealing to the eye. I don’t think the layout or design of the building is interesting in itself but I think that the way the building and its surroundings go together make it very interesting.Unknown Unknown1

New Albany Country Club

The New Albany Country Club was designed and built by Jaquelin T. Robertson. The country club is located in New Albany, Ohio, and is one of several of his works that is classified as new classical architecture. The building design is very elegant and looks quite similar to most country clubs that you encounter. The building was built in 1992 and is capable of hosting many different events, such as weddings. The most intriguing piece of the design of the building to me is the deck that runs across the second floor of the building. The outdoor deck is huge and wraps around the whole second level of the building. Also, the shape of the building is unique and is designed to wrap around the driving range for golf.photo_newalbanycountryclub Unknown

Reunion Tower

reuniontower2 NM_26reunionF

For my last building, I have decided to write about Reunion Tower. I have only had one actual interaction with this building, but I am always fascinated by it when I drive downtown. Reunion Tower is an observation tower and restaurant in Dallas, Texas. The tower was designed by the architectural firm Welton Becket & Associates and is the fifteenth tallest building in Dallas. Although it is not the tallest building, it is definitely the most memorable building downtown. The observation deck allows you to see the whole city of Dallas, and the restaurant is placed on the top level of the tower. As you sit down to eat, you can look outside the window and see the entire city. Also, if you drive past the tower at night, it is always lit up with different colors. Usually, the tower is lit with regular lights, but on holidays or days of big sports games, the tower is lit with all sorts of different colors.


PCA SLC Rendering Picture18-copy Picture16-copy

For my fifth building, I decided to write about my high school, Prestonwood Christian Academy. The outside of the building itself is quite plain and doesn’t have anything special about it.  Although the actual design of the building is pretty ugly, the school had a special impact on me which is why I decided to write about it. I transferred to PCA during the middle of my junior year and was immediately impacted. The school itself taught me many important lessons, but most importantly, it is where I met some of my best friends. The impact of other people’s willingness to help others is what still amazes me today. PCA is a private school and my family could not afford to pay the tuition that came along with the education, but several anonymous people from the school decided to help make it possible for me to attend the school. The people, including the teachers, all left a huge impact on me as a person and I am forever grateful for that.

Barnett School of Business

Becker Business School img_8382

For my fourth building, I decided to write about the business building at my first college. The Barney Barnett School of Business at Florida Southern College was first opened last year. The new building was a huge upgrade from the older business building on campus, both aesthetically and functionally. The red supports beams shown in the picture were on two sides of the building and really caught my attention the first time I saw the building. On the inside, all of the classrooms were finished with large desks and tons of projectors/screens. It was probably the nicest school building I have ever been inside of. More importantly, this building is where I decided that I wanted to pursue a business degree. After taking several classes inside of that building last year, I knew that I did not want to major in what I had originally planned on doing.

Mile High

Sports_Authority_Field_At_Mile_High-216 seating-bowl

For my third building, I decided to write about the Denver Broncos stadium, Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The stadium was opened in 2001 and has a capacity of about 76,000 people. Football stadiums have always fascinated me in general, but I am even more interested in Mile High because I am a Broncos fan. The stadium has impacted me largely because it is where I watched my first NFL game live. The atmosphere in the stadium is insane and the noise is amplified due to the shape of the dome. Although I’m biased, I think Mile High is one of the coolest NFL stadiums because of the interesting shape that makes up the top of the highest deck. Instead of going straight across like many stadiums, the top of the highest deck reaches different heights all across the stadium. I think the architecture of large stadiums is so cool because the amount of math and thought that goes in to creating the best atmosphere possible for fans.