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The Biltmore Estate

In Asheville, North Carolina is one of Americas most impressive estates. It is the largest privately owned house in the united states. It has 4 floors, a basement, and even its own ice cream parlor. The Biltmore estate also has an old elevator that still worked when i visited many years ago. I don’t remember a whole lot about it because i was so young but i do remember being blown away that one person or family (the Vanderbilts) could own such a cool mansion. The bachelors wing was really cool, it had secret panels on either side of the fire place in the billiards room where female guests and staff members weren’t allowed to go. It reminded me of the type of mansion that Bruce Wayne would live in.

BIltmore_house_Winter_garden_0 TEMP-biltmore-house2 bilt1

Notre Dame de Paris

This legendary church has always fascinated me. The height of the cathedral is incredible and seeing it up close was a great experience. I think I like churches that were built long ago because the organs you typically see are incredibly massive and detailed. The main hall where the altar sits and the repetitive arches that guide the eye towards the front makes me think of how much longer and difficult it took them to build it. Its a must see if you ever get a chance to travel to paris, the famous gargoyles and bells really are with taking a look at. The view from the Seine river was definitely my favorite.



Notre-Dame-Buttresses4 france-paris-notre-dame-gargoyles3 Notre-Dame-Cathedral2 notre1