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Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre- Bashaw

This building was built in 2011 in Hong Kong.  It is an academic building on the campus of City University of Hong Kong. I is a crystalline design throughout the building including rough cut diamond inspired elements in the structural beams, lighting, windows and doors. It was designed to help spark creativity in the students and environmental research. It was designed to increase natural lighting throughout the building along with creating unique spaces to help produce collaboration and a feeling of free flowing. I enjoyed Lebeskind’s choice of colors and materials like the room above with the red walls which could have been overpowering except for the ceiling and dark flooring. I believe this would be a fun place to learn and could get a person out of their typical comfort zone allowing them to learn and interact more.


This House was finished in 2010 for a client in Connecticut. The exterior is chocolate colored but in some lighting can appear almost wood like.  The floorplan is all open and the only thing that separates them is subtle differences in the floor elevation. All of the Interior is solid white oak and everything is of course custom. It honestly reminds of the Fortress of Solitude for Superman with the angles and openness to not only the outside but the living space. I feel like I could enjoy the scenery from this type of house and it’s craftsmanship. The 18.36.54 represent 18 planes, 36 points, and 54 lines that compose the structure.

Wohl Centre-Bashaw


This building was completed in 2005.  The building was Lebeskind’s only project in Israel at the time and represents an open book. It’s purpose is to hold a 1000 seat auditorium and as you can tell it makes use of bright and clean spaces. I admit this is not my favorite of his designs in part because of all the use of white and clean making it feel sterile to me but I appreciate the difficulty to design and build this type of structure and his creative mind.  One of the reasons for the stark design was to allow for easy transformation of space for various purposes. The windows themselves were even an expression of Hebrew letters which is yet another really cool detail.

Felix Nussbaum Haus-Bashaw

This building  is a museum for the Jewish artist Felix Nussbaum. He was born in 1904 and who died during the holocaust. The museum is divided into 3 areas which seems to be a theme with some of Libeskind’ s work. These areas represent the 3 time periods of Nussbaum’s artistic work and the building itself faces 3 cities where Nussbaum studied art and the 4th faces the concentration camp where he died. The 3 areas have several dead end paths as well which can give people the feeling of claustrophobia. These 3 areas represent his early paintings, his art during hiding and newly found artwork. The area I have a picture of the interior is the time he was in hiding. I believe even through the picture itself you can get a sense of claustrophobia and sadness which I believe Libeskind is trying to relay.

Imperial War Museum-Bashaw

Image result for imperial war museum north

Image result for imperial war museum north

The Imperial War Museum is in Greater Manchester, England.  The area where the museum was built was a key industrial site during WWII and was heavily bombed during that time. It was opened in  and another example of I believe his favorite style of design called “Deconstructivist”. Because of Libeskind’ s personal history of being from a Jewish/Polish family he had many family members affected by the war which is why I think he seems to create these great buildings that can help with that healing in others along with reminding those of us who never experienced or truly know what it was like. The building was broken into  three areas or shards. The first represents air and is the entrance, The second represent earth which houses all of the exhibits and finally water which is where the café is housed. I enjoy how he sets a different environment and space and then almost creates a culture and a whole world for that thought.

Jewish Museum Berlin-Bashaw

JewishMuseumBerlin 800px-Through_the_pillars_in_The_Garden_of_Exile_at_the_Jewish_Museum,_Berlin

Daniel Libeskind won a competition for the museum’s design in 1988 and construction started in 1992. it was opened September 9 2001. Originally there was another Jewish Museum in 1933 but it was closed down by the Nazi regime in 1938. The design which has a very zigzag feel was nicknamed the “Blitz” or Lightning.  The basement of this building is divided into three paths  which represent three areas of Jewish life. The continuity of Jewish Life, emigration from Germany and the Holocaust. These 3 paths take a visitor through an experience in each part of the Jewish life. I really hope to go to this museum someday because through the pictures online and its description I feel like it is a place that can really transport the individual in helping them understand a little bit of the Jewish life was in Germany.

Downtown-Jon Bashaw

Business_District_OKC download


Downtown is my favorite area to run because I feel so much going through the different areas. As I run by the memorial I feel solace and peace. I take time to reflect a little while running by. I then start running through the heart of downtown with all of the tall office buildings some are modern but my favorites have a lot of cast stone and just look so regal. While I pass the older buildings I feel respect and then finally pride as I see new growth and renovations of older buildings. Every time I make these runs I still feel a little different and always invited.

Historic Brentwood Terrace Apartments-Jon Bashaw

brentwood 1brentwood 2

This is by far my favorite apartment experience. These apartments were built in 1929 and were originally to house young single professionals. They are all 1 bedroom apartments with a free flowing layout. The way there is a courtyard between sets of apartments and how the way it is laid out made it feel like a community. I really enjoyed it’s old school feel because it was restored and it always felt very classy and warm. I also enjoyed the design for the windows so you were guaranteed a cross breeze if all 4 were opened.

Loretto Chapel-Jon Bashaw



spiral 1

Spiral Staircase

This is the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe. The architecture that I enjoyed most here was the staircase and its craftsmanship. The Chapel itself is very small which is why they had to have a spiral staircase to begin with but this staircase has (2) 360 degree turns and goes up 20 feet. it has no central beam and originally was not connected to any wall or pole. I remember being very in awe of how well it must have been made since it was made also with no nails but only dowels and wooden pegs. according to legend it was also made in 3 months. I liked the simpleness of the chapel even though it is in Gothic style as well.

Bevo Mill St. Louis-Jon Bashaw

Bevo-Mill.jpg 2



bevo 3

Main Eating Hall

bevo mill 4

Mural Room


This Restaurant was one I went to in 7th grade about 16 years ago. I remember having the feeling of being transported back in time. The building itself was built in 1917 by August Busch Sr..He built it to be a beer garden and spent a lot of time in Holland to find artifacts for it. The tile murals which I really enjoyed when I went there were part of a previous restaurant in Germany which Mr. Busch bought, had brought over and installed in the restaurant. Though 1 thing many people don’t see is that He intentionally had one tile in each mural rotated. I remember when I was told this I immediately started looking at the mural trying to find the 1 tile. The building itself feels very warm and feels like you are transported somewhere else, not in St. Louis. This was probably my first building I can remember that meant something architecturally to me. The exterior of the building itself feels like it could be in a open field or a small cozy town.