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Princeton Train Station



Princeton University redesigned the southwest corner of campus and Rick Joy put his skills to work and created this marvelous, yet simple train station. The building is composed of simple materials such as concrete and steel, however remains elegant at first sight and will surely catch the attention of travels utilizing the station. The  use of concrete pillars and glass exterior create a strong and open concept for each individual visiting the station.


Lone Mountain Ranch House



This six-bedroom family retreat is located in Wagu beef ranch in the desert of New Mexico. Rick Joy designed this property expressing interest in Japanese art, philanthropy, and film. These characteristics are implicated in the singular twisted hip roof with corrugated sheet metal. One of the unique attributes lies upon the roof, where one will find a stargazing plaza to view the beautiful New Mexico sky and landscape.


Auster Tucson Mansion



Located in Tucson, Arizona this $4.5 million dollar desert home is built on a 3.5-acre hillside lot. Rick Joy implemented his minimalistic style to create this home which features simple lines and square/rectangular shapes. The property is composed of 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and other additional amenities including a fire pit and swimming pool. This property  is topped off with a breath taking panoramic view of the city from 3,700 feet above see level.


Desert Nomad House in Arizona



This desert beauty was built by Rick Joy in 2005 and it sits on nearly five acres of land at the base of the Tuscan Mountains. This unique housing design is composed of three cubes made of glass and rusted steel. The two materials create a sense of old, yet contemporary taste together. Each building is one space with a bathroom and has a little over 1,000 square feet total. The three separate cubes come together to form the ultimate space for enjoying the Arizona outdoors. Outside features include a fire pit with stone flooring to enjoy the dry wildlife Arizona has to offer.Arch

Stone and Shingle Woodstock Farm



This magnificent house designed by Rick Joy was built in 2010 and is 3.980 square feet total. The main building is built around a glorious spring-fed swimming pool, which creates a theme of elegance in the lonely pasture. The house was designed with giant windows in the kitchen/living room to create an open atmosphere. The combination of wood-clad walls and stone used on the exterior and interior compliment each other to mix up the patterns and work well together. Apart from the main house, the detached, cedar-shingle barn is angled away from the main house, offering a different perspective of the vast countryside. Arch1Arch2

Amangiri Resort, Canyon Point Utah


The Amangari Resort is located to what looks like it is in the middle of nowhere, but don’t let looks deceive you. This breathtaking resort designed by Architect Rick Joy exposed more modern brighter material to make natural content blending with the rocks surrounding the resort. A massive rock structure intrudes into the magnificent turquoise pool creating a stunning view of natures own course and conjoining colors. The Architecture itself follows a more modern pattern with a mix of stone, wood, water, and concrete ground using lighter colors to resemble the surrounding environment. Also within these magnificent rocks is an indoor spa lit buy natural light protruding through the rock formations. Outside, square marble stairs lead to a sunken courtyard with lanterns scattered equally to illuminate the entire courtyard and hotub in the middle. Square lounging areas surrounded by wooden wind fences with stone firepits. A beautiful piece of work by Rick Joy.


Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: Walt Disney World Resort


Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa located in Walt Disney World in Florida is designed with a Victorian architectural style, which evolved from gothic architecture. Its decorative trim and white wood for walls and steep pointed towers with vibrant red roofs all come together to emit its beauty. Surrounded by elegant palm trees and healthy green brush, this resort and spa ranks one of the highest in America for customers worldwide.

I chose the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa because I used to go as a child and now looking back, I never really took into account how magnificent the design was and how intricate the decorations are. This resort is something not everybody gets to see in their lifetime and I am truly blessed to have stepped inside.


Lake LBJ Lighthouse: Horseshoe Bay, Texas


Horsehsoe Bay Resort is located on lake LBJ near Austin Texas. On a small strip of land sits a lighthouse in the middle of the lake. It’s base is made of brick in a rectangular shape then turns into wood as it ascends vertically getting skinnier while going up. A wooden cube with glass windows sits atop the tower base, and a revolving light shines through the glass windows on each side of the cube every night over the lake.

This lighthouse is very significant to me because I have had a house on horshoe bay since I was a baby. I always remember looking off my dock at the lighthouse just across the way. It almost felt like I could swim to it if I tried, but we all know I would drown about two minutes into the swim. This house belongs to my dads side of the family which includes 7 aunts and uncles and 19 first cousins. Horshoe Bay brings great memories, and I can’t help but think of the lighthouse every time.


Knowles Memorial Chapel: Winterpark, Florida


Knowles Memorial Chapel in Winterpark, Florida was designed in the middle of Rollins College campus by renowned architect, Ralph Adams Cram in 1932. The type of architecture is a mix of Mission Revival architecture and Mediterranean Revival architecture with palm trees surrounding the chapel. The Knowles Memorial chapel has an articulate entrance, stuccoed walls, Spanish terra cottta tile, antique wooden pews, and a massive circular stained-glass window designed by Wilbur Burnham Glassmakers overlooking the entire audience. The roof is made of wood held by six blunt arches, and geometric stained-glass windows cover to wall allowing subtle amounts of light in the chapel. The chapel has a major doctrinal theme tracing back to gothic architectural roots. The most beautiful part about the chapel is the massive organ pipes under the stained-glassed window known as “the rose window.”


I have one older brother and two younger brothers, and two of them attend Rollins College in Winterpark Florida on athletic scholarships. Having visited to see my brothers, Carson, the older one, took me to this chapel to show me how cool it was inside. The massive doors, wooden pews and statues, stained-glass windows, and the shiny organ pipes all were put together so perfectly creating such a masterpiece as that. This beautiful chapel completes the breathtaking campus of Rollins college in Winterpark.


The Crescent: Dallas, Tx



The Crescent in Dallas Texas was designed by two architects named Philip Johnson and John Burgee. These luxurious buildings have a neo-french classical design representing a Galveston type of architecture using Indiana limestone and frillgreed iron grillwork for the entire building. Crescent shaped, hence the name, the building consists of three office towers going 18 stories high, a hotel, and even a shopping center. Also, the roofs are made of mansard slate, adding to the uniqueness of this skyscraper compared to most Dallas skyscrapers. Each floor of the office towers include outside balconies made of fillgreed grillwork along with a wide arrangement of potted plants and seasonal colors. The landscape around the Crescent involves beautiful oak trees and shrubs circling the buildings.


I chose this luxurious skyscraper because when I was younger, my grandfather used to work on the 11th floor in the south office tower of the crescent. I would pull into the elegant semicircle driveway where valet would be awaiting my arrival, then I would push through the massive gold outlined glass revolving door to enter the lobby. Nine elevators were moving at all times as business men and women would rush through always in a hurry. It was my closest feeling to wall street and I can still remember the excitement and butterflies I had when entering the Crescent.