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Eero Saarinen – MIT Chapel


The MIT chapel is probably one of Eero Saarinen’s least recognized works. That is because it is much different then what he became known for, which is forming these grand and large archs. The chapel is built on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was completed in May 1955 alongside Kresge Auditorium, another building Saarinen designed.

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Eero Saarinen – Dulles International Airport

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority taxi cabs, motor coaches and SuperShuttle transportation services 2007, Washington Dulles Airport, September 2007

The Dulles International Airport is one Eero Saarinen’s most famous buildings. Located in Washington D.C., the design of this airport is considered one of the buildings that changed American architecture forever.

 Terminal Building, Dulles International Airport, Sterling, Virginia, Exterior perspective In this drawing for the terminal, the concrete roof slab and piers thrust upward as if to take flight. Saarinen had a dramatic difference in the size of the front of the slab and the back—which was supposed to give the sense of liftoff and speed.

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Eero Saarinen – Gateway Arch

St_Louis_night_expblend_croppedThe St. Louis Gateway Arch was one of the worlds first looks at Eero Saarinen’s architecture. After beating out over 170 architects, including his father, in a design competition for the Jefferson National Memorial Expansion, Eero Saarinen brought his name into the architecture world as himself and not just his fathers son. The free standing arch was completed on October 28th, 1965 –5 years after Saarinen’s death– and at completion was 630 feet tall.

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WMware Technology – San Jose, Costa Rica


In January I had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica with the JCP Leadership in the Price College of Business. While there, my group and I did a ton of fun things, like zip lining across the rain forest, but we also had educational company visits –gotta incorporate the study in study abroad somewhere. One of the companies we visited was VMware, a software company based out of silicone valley. When walking up to the building I was mesmerized by the black glass covered building. It looked so different from any of the buildings surrounding it. Then I walked into the building and that is literally when I fell in love with the building around me. It was like entering a different place, fully modern, up to date, and snacks everywhere!

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FBC – First Baptist Church of Norman


The original First Baptist Church of Norman building was  built in 1893 in Norman, Oklahoma. In 1920 a new, larger building was built in it current location to help accommodate for the increase in members; 30 years later a sanctuary was added to the building. It is in close proximity to the University of Oklahoma due to the fact that meetings were originally held in OU’s Stone Building from 1890 to 1893. Even with multiple additions since its first building the church has maintained a consistent image.

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Masjid an-Nabawī – The Prophets Mosque


Masjid an-Nabawi, also referred to as the Prophets mosque, is one of the largest mosques in the world. It is located in Medina, Saudi Arabia and was first established in 622 A.D. Since then, many renovations have occurred to help keep up with the growing population of visitors. This mosque is an example of Islamic architecture with a classical and contemporary look. This biggest feature of it is the green dome located right in the center of it added by the Ottoman’s in 1818.

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Aga Khan Hospital – Karachi, Pakistan

AGA-Khan-Hospital-Nairobi-02-e1366225442461 My parents are from Pakistan and I’ve been there numerous times, so choosing a building located there for this project was a no brainer. I chose Aga Khan University and Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. I didn’t choose this hospital because of how fascinated I was by its beautiful architecture, but because of the eye-opening experiences I had around it. I last visited this hospital on December 27th, 2007. My cousin was born at Aga Khan hospital that day and a Pakistani presidential candidate was assassinated. At the age of 11, I saw what true tragedy looked like.

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