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Private Residence- Cesar Pelli



This unique home was built in 1989 in Maryland.  It is 7,000 square feet which were all designed with immaculate architectural detail.  This is the first house designed around the ideas of the 1980 “Houses for Sale” exhibition.



The main feature of the house is the gallery which is connects five pavilions.  The woodwork on the front entry of the house is carried through and replicated on the interior which then leads to a hallway of tall doors.  The layout of the home allows light to travel from the front door through the straight line of the entry.  This family home for four is a one-of-a-kind.


The Visionaire- Cesar Pelli



The Visionaire was completed in 2008 and is in New York, New York.  The building is 500,000 square feet and is a residential building as well as a home to public venues like an organic market, headquarters for the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy and more.  The Visionaire received a LEED platinum rating.  The building utilizes energy for high efficiency and air quality.  Like other buildings designed by Cesar Pelli, the Visionaire has a curtain wall with silver coated, insulated glass.  The building is accommodating to the environment as well as people as it offers things such as a children’s playroom, a spa, fitness center, pool, and rooftop gardens.


Torre Libertad- Cesar Pelli



Mexico City is home to Torre Libertad.  The motel is 31 stories tall and about 550,000 square feet.  This building, similar to other Cesar Pelli creations, has a curtain wall that is made of glass and aluminum shades.  There are 189 guest rooms and 100 apartments that have hotel accommodations.  The design of this building is simple in itself, yet compared to the surroundings, it definitely stands out.


Residences on The Avenue- Cesar Pelli

res ave


This multipurpose building is located in Washington D.C. and was completed in 2011.  It earned a LEED gold rating for the ten story office building section.  The other purpose of the building is a twelve story apartment complex.  The Avenue joins these two spaces by a beautiful courtyard.  The courtyard is open to the public and features a water attraction that collects rainwater for irrigation.



The office space is filled with natural light in the entrance.  The apartment has 335 units that are divided among two wings.  The first floor is open for retail and allows access to the courtyard.  The exterior style of the apartment is designed to blend in with the surrounding neighborhood and is consequentially a different style than the office building.  The apartment

res ave 2

Aria Resort and Casino-Cesar Pelli



The tallest building in CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada is the Aria Resort and Casino.  This building was completed in 2009 with a total of 6.1 million square feet and 4,000 hotel rooms.  The steel and glass material of the building catches all the colors in the sky and lights of the town.  Not only is the hotel a beautiful sight, it is also friendly to our environment.  The Aria Resort and Casino has  LEED gold rating which is mainly achieved by its curtain wall.  The curtain wall is a particular glass that lets natural light in while minimizing the heat that enters the building.  Another aspect in the green building is that over 30 million gallons of water are saved each year.



BOK Center- Cesar Pelli


The BOK Center in Tulsa has hosted numerous events since its completion in 2008.  The sports and entertainment venue can seat 18,000 people. The design of the BOK center pulls from the nature surrounding the building.  Inspiration for the bend and arc the building has comes from the Arkansas River and the Tulsa highways. There are even aspects in the building that stem from Tulsa’s Native American heritage.  Although there is a substantial portion of the building that is all glass, it is still equipped to handle Oklahoma weather- specifically tornadoes.  The windows are durable in winds up to 100 mph.  This event center designed by the Argentine-American architect definitely fits right into Oklahoma culture from its aesthetics to its endurance to high wind gusts that often occur in Oklahoma.


Thorncrown Chapel


Located near Eureka Springs, Thorncrown Chapel is tucked away in the woods. The building has 425 windows amounting to over 6,000 square feet of glass. This Chapel opened in 1980 and was designed by E. Fay Jones. It is a one of a kind building that offers a serene and intimate setting for weddings.


Because of the design, the building never quite looks the same. The shadows cast throughout the day makes the design ever changing. I fell in love with this building the first time I saw it. I haven’t seen anything quite like it before.  chap2

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church


When driving into Fort Smith from my hometown, the IC Church is at the end of Garrison Ave. It’s the focal point as you drive through downtown Fort Smith. This building has a lot of detail that makes it stand out.


I don’t know much about the architectural style of this building, but I appreciate particular features such as the ornate design of the window on the front just above the main entrance. It is a nice feature in this town and its location is perfect because it makes the church the centerpiece of Garrison.


Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion



The Walmart Arkansas Music Pavillion opened the summer of 2014. This outdoor music venue in Rogers, Arkansas has since hosted many musicians and comedians. The venue offers seating and also a general admission lawn where people can lay out blankets or bring lawn chairs and enjoy the show. This new addition to Rogers was a very smart move by Walmart. It has been extremely successful. The space itself just has a fun environment. The outdoor venue allows people to enjoy summer nights outside while they attend a concert. I love that they built this venue in Rogers.


Michael’s Mansion



Michael’s Mansion in Fort Smith Arkansas was restored in 1904. The building features stained glass windows, a grand staircase, and a lot of character. It is now used as an event center for weddings and also serves as a bed and breakfast and art gallery. Fort Smith has so much history and the town has started renovating the downtown area and preserving the architecture and history of the town. This project is one of the many that has been undertaken in the past few years. I love that Fort Smith is embracing the history of the town and utilizing old buildings and homes in such a way that their beauty gets to be shared with the entire community.mm2