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Queen Tamar Airport



The Queen Tamar Airport is another part of Mestia, Georgia’s aggressive plan to attempt to increase tourism to the area. Like the other modern buildings that Mestia has added in the last decade, they have used german architect Jurgen Mayer-Hermann’s architectural firm, which is named after himself. The building was constructed in an unbelievable 3 month period from October to December of 2010. The town of Mestia is generally known for their medieval buildings and their great skiing.

Park Cafe


The Park Cafe of Batumi, Georgia was designed by Jurgen Mayer-Hermann’s architectural firm in 2010. This extremely unique design for a cafe was built between the city of Batumi and the newly designed seafront area and lies in St. Barbara Park. The sculpture part of the structure contains an information screen while the actual cafe part offers spacious and shaded areas for the park goers.

House of Justice – Civic Centre



The House of Justice Civic Centre in Mestia, Georgia overlooks the beautiful Caucasian mountains and its concrete facade is meant to almost mimic their strength and texture. The building is one part of many buildings that create quite a unique environment for the people of Mestia to enjoy. The building of the House of Justice Civic Centre began in 2011 and was completed only a year later in 2012. This building was designed by an architectural team from the firm of Jurgen Mayer-Hermann of Germany.

Dupli Casa



The Dupli Casa, designed by Jurgen Mayer-Hermann, resides near Ludwigsburg, Germany, took three years to build and was completed in 2008. The footprint of the villa was built to mimic the footprint of the previous home that was on the land which was built in 1984 and had many add-ons. The ground level connects well with the outside utilizing floor to ceiling windows.

Border Checkpoint


The Border Checkpoint, designed by a team from Jurgen Mayer-Hermann’s architectural firm, sits on the coast of the Black Sea and the border of Georgia and Turkey. The modern, cantilevering terraces are meant to symbolize the recent modernization of Georgia to travelers. The Border Checkpoint works regularly as a customs checkpoint would but also hoses a cafeteria and a conference room. This building is also used as a viewing station to overlook the Black Sea.

An der Alster 1


The An der Alster 1, or ADA1, in Hamburg, Germany was designed by Jurgen Mayer-Hermann and his firm of which he is the namesake. This building is built in between the city and the countryside of Hamburg. The glasses were designed to be like “floating eyes” on the side of the building. There are many windows so that the workers can see the unique landscape of their area. The ADA1 building is solely an office building. Construction began in 2005 and the building was finished in 2007.



One World Trade Center

freedom-tower-2 17149522281_3b6ae4c948_b New_York_Bldg._Height_Comparison.svg

The One World Trade Center is one of the most awe inspiring buildings I have seen. It is definitely the tallest I have ever seen, standing at 1,792 feet tall to its tip, and is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. The One World Trade Center is one of my favorite buildings because the terrorist attacks of 9/11 on the previous two world trade center buildings was such a terrible time in U.S. history and the country and architects David Childs and Daniel Libeskind worked together to create something tall, shimmering, and strong. I feel like that is a very patriotic and American thing to do when someone knocks down some tall buildings, build an even taller one. The way this building is all glass on its exterior really is something to look at and admire. I had the pleasure of seeing it just a couple months after it was completed and opened to the public just a couple of months ago.

Neuschwanstein Castle

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The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the most surreal places I have ever been in my life. The immense lavishness and extravagance of this real life castle is unmatched. It’s construction was finished in 1886 after the King had already passed in the same year. The country then immediately opened it up to the public where visitors from all over the world (even Oklahoma) come to experience this castle. The immaculate intricacies of this castle are almost unbelievable, with every room, corridor, and nook being filled with gold and hand carved woodwork. The sole architect of this masterpiece was Eduard Riedel. This castle claims to be the inspiration for Disneyland’s castle and made an appearance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which I watched many times as a toddler.

At&t Stadium

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The first time I attended an event at the At&t Stadium in Arlington, Texas was actually the very first football game to ever be played in it. It was the OU Sooners playing against the BYU Cougars in the first game of the 2009 college football season. The openness of the stadium furthers the overall wow factor this stadium has due to it’s sheer size and beauty. Despite being a dome, the stadium has a retractable roof that is nearly the entire length and width of the football field itself and is accompanied by nearly a whole side of the stadium being completely glass that allows for the comfort of a covered stadium with the feel of being outdoors. It also has the largest jumbo-tron screen in the entire U.S. The architects from HKS, Inc. did an incredible job with this beautiful and efficient design that is perfect for sporting events and concerts.

Cologne Cathedral

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The Cologne Cathedral is the Cathedral of Saint Peter and was built in a 600 year, off and on span from 1248 to its completion in 1880. It is beautifully gothic in style and overwhelmingly intricate in design. The Cologne Cathedral was the tallest building in the world from1880 to 1884 until it was surpassed by the Washington Monument.

I visited Europe on a tour me and my family took which included much of Germany and parts of Austria, Leichtenstein and Switzerland. Throughout that two week tour I saw countless cathedrals, however, they all paled in comparison to the Cologne Cathedral. It was by far the biggest and most gothic-styled cathedral I have ever seen in person. I will cherish the opportunity of seeing it in person forever.