Zaha Hadid- Bergisel Ski Jump



In 1999, Zaha Hadid and colleagues won an international contest to design a new ski jump, and in 2002, their winning design was opened up on the Bergisel Mountain in Innsbruck, Austria. The jump contains the ramp and facilities in the tower, including a cafe and viewing terraces. The tower extends about 50 meters above the peak of the mountain, with elevators taking people to the top, to enjoy the mountains and watch ski jumpers take on the ramp.

ski 2

Clubhouse at Celebration

The last work that I am writing about by Jaquelin T. Robertson is the gold clubhouse in Celebration, Florida, that I wrote about before. Also, this club house is not the first one that Robertson has designed. I have discovered that lots of his works are designed around nature and finding a way to design lots of his works to work in collaboration with its surroundings. The entrance to the clubhouse is beautiful and includes a small bridge that goes over a pond in front of the building. The design of the building definitely matches the surroundings and matches the vibe that the state of Florida gives off. I believe that the most interesting part of this design is how it seems like it belongs in the area that it is placed. Robertson is a master at using nature to enhance his buildings.   images Unknown

T House–Sou Fujimoto


stringioFrom the outside, the T House looks like a big cavern with black rind.

We will see the inside, it is a huge “studio”, which is include bathroom, children rooms, Japanese-style room,study room, living room, bedroom and parking. And I love the wall’s color so much, he paint a side as white and another side just keep the wall’s real color–wood color. Such that it can let the resident feel live in a natural and lovely home.

Henry Moore Sculpture Garden

Jaquelin T. Robertson is the man behind a very interesting and unique type of architecture, the Henry Moore sculpture garden at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. This work is very interesting because it does not include any building design. Instead, the project was focused on designing the sculpture park outside of a museum that already existed. The park includes twelve bronze sculptures by Henry Moore and is focused solely on these pieces. The park is built across using 17 acres and is meant for people to walk and explore the sculptures while being surrounded by nature. The actual design of the park is quite interesting and includes limestone steps that start at the portico of the building and move down throughout the lawn and slopes of the several acres.  Unknown1 Unknown

Zaha Hadid- BBK Bank Headquarters, Spain



The future headquarters for the Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa, a savings bank in Spain, is sited on the south-eastern point of the Zorrotzaurre peninsula in Bilbao, Spain, with spectacular views of the river and the rest of the city. The form is defined by two star shapes that are at 45 degree angles from one another at the top and bottom, but merge into one another in the middle, giving the tower a spiraling look that has a different profile depending on the angle you are viewing it from.  It will house 25,000 sq. m. total, 11,855 in the tower, 6,145 in the podium, and 10,234 underground. The primary structure is given by an exo-skeleton, and this is supported by the support system for the facade’s substructure, eliminating the need for interior columns.


The Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre

The Bengt Sjostrom Theatre is an outdoor community theater located on the Rock Valley College campus in Rockford, Illinois. It was constructed in 1983 and is dedicated to the memory of Bengt Sjostrom, builder and civic leader, who was the general contractor when the college buildings were constructed, from 1967 to 1971. Rock Valley College began remodeling the Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre in 2001 with Studio Gang Architects. The design of the 135,000 sq ft theatre renovation maintains the tradition of open air performances at Rock Valley College while allowing the theatre company to extend its season in any weather.


BOK Center- Cesar Pelli


The BOK Center in Tulsa has hosted numerous events since its completion in 2008.  The sports and entertainment venue can seat 18,000 people. The design of the BOK center pulls from the nature surrounding the building.  Inspiration for the bend and arc the building has comes from the Arkansas River and the Tulsa highways. There are even aspects in the building that stem from Tulsa’s Native American heritage.  Although there is a substantial portion of the building that is all glass, it is still equipped to handle Oklahoma weather- specifically tornadoes.  The windows are durable in winds up to 100 mph.  This event center designed by the Argentine-American architect definitely fits right into Oklahoma culture from its aesthetics to its endurance to high wind gusts that often occur in Oklahoma.


Princeton Train Station



Princeton University redesigned the southwest corner of campus and Rick Joy put his skills to work and created this marvelous, yet simple train station. The building is composed of simple materials such as concrete and steel, however remains elegant at first sight and will surely catch the attention of travels utilizing the station. The  use of concrete pillars and glass exterior create a strong and open concept for each individual visiting the station.


Celebration, Florida

Jaquelin T. Robertson is the man behind another magnificent work that is the community of Celebration, Florida. Celebration is a census-designated place and a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida, United States, located near Walt Disney World Resort. Robertson is the man that designed the master plan for this community that takes up a space of ten miles. This community houses thousands of people and has its own downtown center as well. This is probably the most fascinating work that I have discovered from Robertson. The downtown includes 106 residences, along with shops and restaurants. Also, Celebration includes six churches and one Jewish temple. This work is extremely fascinating to me because he practically designed a livable community, whereas many of his other works have been smaller than this. The amount of time and thought that goes in to planning this process was probably immense.Unknown1 Unknown

The WMS Boathouse

The WMS Boathouse at Clark Park is currently home to the Chicago Rowing Foundation (CRF). In partnership with the Chicago Park District, the CRF offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities year round, including learn to row sessions both in tanks and on the river, youth and masters team rowing, ergometer training, rowing-inspired yoga classes, and lessons tailored to individuals with disabilities.

The shape of the building was designed by Jeanne Gang and her team as the letter M and V so the roof is different and allows to adapt Chicago’s seasonal variations. The roof lets in southern light through the building’s upper clerestory, warming the structure’s floor slab in winter and providing ventilation during summer months.Boathouse_Steve_Hall_(c)_Hedrich_Blessing_015wms-boathouse-s090114-s9